Lady Vivian Valroux


Montainge noblewoman of the Valroux family, a distant cousin to Lady Erstwhile. She has volunteered to take part in this expidition out of a sense of adventure, and to over see her families interest upon the ship.

She is a pinned member of the swordsman guild.

Auntie Anne, has admitted the ship was looking for more than just furs, and it’s wrapped in many secrets.

Jumped by some ruffians, hired by a finely dressed man, Vodacce or montaigne, targeting myself and cousin Valiant.

The Dragon’s Roost tavern. Meeting to deliver our heads at a cliff side.

As we arrived we witnessed a boat rowing away to tether to a pirate ship!

XP earned : 3 Hero Points earned: 2

XP spent: 0 Hero Points spent: 2

Lady Vivian Valroux

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